When you’re diagnosed with a disease, you have to ask the doctor for permission to treat

Medical technologists are often at the forefront of medical research.They are also responsible for the technology used to diagnose diseases like Parkinson’s and cancer.As they are often asked for permission, many medical technologist jobs are very lucrative.As a result, medical technology jobs often lead to great salaries.However, there are some positions that require a certain […]

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Is PSE&TOSP a bad deal for Medicare?

By Ryan Foy | 02/08/17 12:06:03As a new batch of pharmaceutical drugs from major drugmakers get ready to hit the market, many Medicare patients will soon see the expiration of their coverage, if not their lives.Medicare has made no secret about the fact that they have been reluctant to change the law that has guaranteed […]

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How to Get Medical Cannabis in Houston

Posted March 09, 2018 04:27:24A medical cannabis card holder who uses the medical marijuana card to buy medical cannabis from a dispensary is eligible for reimbursement from the state of Texas, but only if the patient is not a patient or is not enrolled in a Texas Health Plan. However, that won’t happen for a lot […]

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How to turn your computer into a doctor’s office

The world’s biggest medical technology company is going all-in on doctors, announcing on Tuesday that it’s launching a pilot program to test a new device that it claims can replace doctors’ offices with computers.The device, dubbed “Cognitive Doctor,” is a smart phone that’s designed to interact with medical devices and help doctors work more effectively.The […]

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How to avoid cancer in India

A new type of cancer is spreading in India.Its called cancer and it has a name that sounds like it might come from the Bible.It is called jupitermedical center and its mission is to provide cancer treatment to the poor.It’s a global health priority for the country, with 1.5 million patients being treated for cancer […]

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