Which hospitals are most expensive in Illinois?

With its high cost of living, Illinois has one of the most expensive medical programs in the country.

But that isn’t stopping people from getting their medical care in the state, which has one the lowest costs in the US for treating medical conditions.

Al Jazeera spoke to healthcare experts, economists and hospital administrators about the state’s top medical centres.

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Alina Abbazak is an assistant professor of nursing and health care administration at the University of Chicago, and an adjunct senior lecturer at the M.D. Anderson School of Public Health.

She is the author of The Cost of Care: Why the U.S. Is Losing the War on Healthcare.

You can contact Alina at [email protected]

Alina Abbasak is the associate director of research at the Chicago Department of Public Policy and Management.

She has a PhD in medicine from Columbia University and worked as an assistant to the chief of psychiatry at Johns Hopkins University.

She also spent time at the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, where she supervised the work of health care providers.

She wrote about her experience with healthcare in The Price of Care, and has been a journalist for The Nation and the Huffington Post.