Why I am not a doctor

I am a doctor.

I am from the United States and have a degree in biology.

I have also worked as a nurse and paramedic and have also studied a lot about how to help the elderly.

My goal is to help others.

My patients are the ones I see when I visit the hospital every day.

It is my duty to help them.

I have seen patients for the last five years, including a woman who had cerebral palsy and a man who had Parkinson’s disease.

They were both very elderly and had to be assisted by the hospital’s nurse and another medical doctor.

The elderly woman was so depressed that she had gone into a deep sleep.

The nursing home nurse was there to help her.

My colleagues at the nursing home also worked for me.

I had the opportunity to help these patients.

My patients are very important to me.

When I am at home, I have to be at my bedside.

They are my family and I need them to be happy.

Sometimes, they feel sad because I do not have a partner.

I also have a great friend.

He has been a good friend to me and he will help me in any way I can.

My hospital patients are not the only people who need help.

I get calls from people who are in dire straits.

They ask me to take care of them.

My mother, father, grandparents, aunts, uncles, sisters, and brothers are all very important.

They have been a great support to me in my journey.

I also have to look after my own patients.

Sometimes I am busy with the family business or when I am away at work.

But when I need a hand, I am there for them.

I think it is my obligation to help my patients.

I try my best to look out for their welfare.

I help them with their daily routine, make sure they get enough food, water, and medical care.

The most important thing is to make sure that their medical care is good.

I will always help my patient with any medical problem.

I take care for my patients by taking them to the hospital for a medical check-up.

If they have a problem with their health, I will take them to a specialist.

I don’t let my patients get into any problems because they are so sick.

They need medical help.

I am a member of the Indian Medical Association, a medical charity.

It has a huge number of members.

I want to give back to them by giving my time to their medical treatment.

My life is a good one.

I earn a lot of money and I do good work for the community.

My daughter has a scholarship for college in the United Kingdom.

I love to help out the community and help people.