How to get relief from chronic pain: Medical office sells herbal remedies

The Medical Office of the St. Anthony Health System has just launched a $1 million herbal medicine program to treat chronic pain and other ailments.

The initiative, which is being dubbed “Puma Pain Relief,” is aimed at those suffering from pain and depression.

The herbal medicine is the first of its kind to be marketed to health care providers, according to Dr. Daniel O’Malley, Medical Office Director.

The program is aimed to provide people with pain relief and promote the idea of using herbal remedies.

The company that sells the medicine, Nervis Therapeutics, has more than a million members across the United States and Canada.

According to the company, pain relief comes in two forms: a “cure” and “analgesia.”

The cure is a combination of medications that can reduce pain and inflammation.

The analgesic dose is a dose of a certain drug, or dose that a person would take to alleviate pain and improve the overall quality of life.

For many people, pain has a profound impact on their quality of lives.

“It’s a really serious and difficult disease,” said Dr. Robert H. Spitz, MD, who is a clinical professor of medicine at Emory University School of Medicine.

“The most common and potentially fatal complication is osteoarthritis of the knee and the most common cause of osteoarthropathy is inflammation of the joints.”

Osteoarthrosis is a degenerative condition of the joint tissues that occurs when the joints become inflamed and weakened.

The new program is called the Pain Relief program, which has been launched in collaboration with the Stony Brook University Medical Center and the Stryker Institute of Orthopedics.

“Pain Relief is a partnership with Stonybrook University, which works with the Nervian Therapeutic Research Center at Emrys medical center to bring the most potent herbs and herbs for the treatment of chronic pain to health professionals in the area,” said O’Donnell.

The herbs are extracted from the Stromers roots and are then combined with the products of Nervus Therapeuticals.

O’Malley said they are currently looking for an additional $1.2 million to purchase and license the herbs.

“We will be looking for funding to expand the program and develop additional product candidates,” he said.

The company is also planning to launch a “Pumas first” initiative, with the goal of selling the herbs to people who have not yet received pain relief.

It will also create a medical office in a rural area in which people who live in rural areas can access herbal remedies through a medical clinic.