Hawaii hospital will expand to accept new medication after a wildfire outbreak

MEDICARE N.J. (Reuters) – A hospital in Hawaii is expected to open a new emergency room after the state’s medical emergency department said its supply of antifungals was running low after a large wildfire.

Medical Emergency Department director Ron Bowers said the department would be able to receive additional medication if needed, including morphine and codeine, at its facility at the University of Hawaii Medical Center.

Bowers told reporters late on Tuesday that the hospital had been receiving about 2,000 bottles of antacids from the state, and that the new facility would likely be able quickly to receive a total of 10,000 doses.

The department had already been using a temporary pharmacy to treat patients and was also preparing to open an expanded emergency department to treat new patients, Bowers added.

He said there were no immediate plans to extend the hospital’s emergency room, but would review whether to extend its capacity.

The fire at the medical center on Maui island, which was first reported on Thursday, has left about 300 people dead and nearly 1,000 homes damaged, and destroyed nearly half of the city’s historic downtown.

It is the second largest wildfire in Hawaii’s history.

In the past month, hundreds of patients have been admitted to the emergency department after coming into contact with the drug.