New York: Medical equipment in NYC hospital can’t be reused

The New York City Department of Health has ordered a major medical bag manufacturer to stop using the same products in the city’s hospitals.

The decision comes after an audit by the city found that at least 1,000 items from the medical equipment division of a Brooklyn-based company, which manufactures bags for hospitals, were used by the company in at least 10 facilities across the city.

New York City Public Health Director Daniel Hynes said that the department is now ordering that the bags be removed from hospitals.

In a statement, Hynes praised the vendor for continuing to make good on its promise to comply with the City’s mandatory guidelines on medical equipment and said it would continue to work with the company to make sure that it is compliant.

“The New York Department of Public Health applauds the continued efforts of the company, and will continue to investigate the safety of its medical bag products,” Hynes’ statement said.

“We look forward to a resolution to this matter in the near future.”

The inspector general for the city also said it had received more than 1,500 complaints from consumers alleging that medical bags from a company called St. Jude Medical Products, which was found to have used expired medical equipment in five New York hospitals, could have caused serious or life-threatening injuries.

St. Jude spokeswoman Melissa Gaudet said that since its inspection of the New York buildings last year, St. Luke has changed the products used by its vendors in the hospitals and added new products that comply with City regulations.

She said the company has removed thousands of medical bags and that the inspector general is working with St.

Luke and the Department of Environmental Protection on a plan to replace those items.

A spokesman for St. John said the city will continue using the products that it has.

Hynes said he had been unaware that the city was investigating St. James Medical Products.

In April, a federal judge in Manhattan ruled that St. Joseph Medical Products had violated a state law that requires hospitals to obtain and install a health bag system in their buildings.

The company said that it was complying with the law, which has since been amended to include other materials, including plastic bags.