How to get your medical marijuana card online

A patient is shown a doctor’s prescription at a medical marijuana dispensary in Melbourne’s north in this August 19, 2018, file photo.

The federal government is to allow patients to access medical marijuana at its dispensaries across the country.

Photo: Peter Rae, AAPAAP More than 1,200 patients are eligible to apply for medical marijuana cards under a program which will be rolled out across Australia in stages starting this month.

The Department of Health said on Wednesday that patients with a medical condition such as Crohn’s disease or cancer would be able to access the medical marijuana program.

However, it said those with chronic illnesses or who have multiple sclerosis, epilepsy or multiple sclerosis would need to apply through a doctor.

Under the program, patients will be able access a limited number of CBD products including oils and tablets that can be used for pain relief.

CBDs are the main ingredient in the marijuana plant and can relieve pain and alleviate nausea and vomiting.

While CBD is currently legal in Australia, many Australians still struggle to access cannabis due to restrictions in their states or territories.

Health Minister Sussan Ley said the program was part of a broader initiative to make sure that Australians were able to get their medicine.

“We are investing heavily in our drug strategy and we are going to take that a step further to ensure that the health of all Australians is maximised,” Ms Ley said.

It will not be legal for people to buy CBD products without a prescription from a doctor, but the government said people with chronic health conditions would still need to get approval from a health professional before they could apply for a medical cannabis card.

Medical marijuana advocates welcomed the announcement.

Marijuana is a proven treatment for cancer, chronic pain, PTSD, Crohn-Small Colitis and a range of other conditions and can be extremely helpful for patients.

But there is currently no formalised legal system in Australia to provide for patients with conditions that might otherwise require a doctor to administer medical marijuana.

Currently, patients are only allowed to access a medical card if they have a doctor-prescribed condition and can demonstrate to a doctor that they can tolerate the pain or suffering caused by their condition.

For patients who are unable to access their doctor, a state-wide database of patients will allow them to access CBD products.

Ms Ley said it was important for people with certain medical conditions to be able obtain the marijuana they need.

She said the government was investing $3 million to help medical marijuana users get their medical marijuana prescriptions.

In December last year, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said the Government would allow patients access to medical marijuana once the National Drug Strategy was fully rolled out.

Dr David Ritchie, chief executive of the Australian Medical Association, welcomed the Government’s announcement, saying CBD was the “silver bullet” to help alleviate the suffering of people suffering from severe chronic pain.

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We believe that this is the right thing to do.”

Topics:health,health-policy,cannabis,drug-use,drugs-and-substance-abuse,therapeutic-research,diseases-and.disorders,dental-care,dentistry,drugpolicy,health,sydney-2000,melbourne-3000,vic,australiaMore stories from Victoria