What is medical apartheid?

Montefiore Medical Center has a medical apartheid policy.

Students are required to wear masks to school, at work and at home.

Students must wear a medical mask at home at least five days a week.

If the mask is removed from a student’s body, the student is not permitted to work or go to school.

The policy applies to all of Montefiores campus, including medical students.

It’s not the only medical school in the area, but it’s one of Monteres top medical schools, and students say it’s the only one that doesn’t allow students to wear face masks.

Students say they’re not allowed to wear a mask, but many are.

The Montefiorres school does not allow students, including those in medical school or those on the medical team, to wear medical masks.

In some cases, the school says students are required by their families to wear them, but students say that’s not always the case.

Students have told the Independent they are sometimes forced to wear mask even though they do not want to.

Some say they are asked to wear the masks and others say they have been forced to do so.

Montefiors students say they can’t go home and wear masks even though it would be too embarrassing.

One student said he was asked to remove his mask by his mother who did not like it.

“I didn’t want to wear it,” the student said.

“So she asked me to remove my mask.”

He said he refused.

“It’s so disrespectful to wear my mask, it’s disrespectful to my parents and disrespectful to the people who are supporting me.

It feels like a violation to me to wear this mask.”

The student said it feels like he’s in prison for wearing the mask.

“If I go home, my parents will think that I am disrespectful,” the teen said.

He said some of his peers wear masks at work.

“They’re like, ‘What is wrong with you?

Why are you wearing a mask?’

It’s really disrespectful.

It makes me feel like an outsider.”

A Montefiorean student said his family does not understand why he wears a mask.

He says his father was a nurse and he wants to become a doctor someday.

“He’s not going to do that,” the Montefiored student said of his parents.

“You can’t have someone else’s parents do that.”

A spokesperson for Montefiora told the independent they do permit students to dress in a medical uniform, but not to wear one that does not comply with the policy.

A Montefino student said the university has not given them a reason why their masks were not removed.

The university also has an email address for students who have been asked to leave a class.

A student at Montefioria said it is not clear why their mask was not removed and they did not receive an explanation.

The student, who did also not want his name used, said the school was asking for an explanation for why their students were asked to take masks.

“At the beginning of the year, we were asked by a few students to remove our masks and then they came back to ask again and again and the reason they were asked is that they were wearing masks for religious reasons,” the individual said.

Students and parents say Montefioring is a medical school with a medical presence and that students are not required to use masks.

Montefimorres students say wearing masks at home is not an issue.

“We’re not really worried about the masks, the masks are for people to wear,” the male student said, adding that there is a lot of religious discrimination against Muslim students.

“The only thing we are worried about is the school asking us to take it off.”

The male student did not know if his mask had been removed.

Another Montefiorie student said they have had to remove masks because of the Muslim students in their class.

“When you see people wearing masks, it makes us feel uncomfortable,” the Muslim student said in Spanish.

“There are people who look like us that look like Muslims.”

He added that the school does allow students in medical uniforms.

The male Montefiorian student said Montefioras students have had the masks removed in the past.

“Sometimes we get asked to put masks on people, sometimes people will ask us to put the mask on them.

It is a very difficult time for everyone,” the female student said and added that she was uncomfortable wearing a medical costume.

Students in Montefiorer students say many of their fellow medical students wear masks.

However, they are not allowed in some areas, including the Montefimoore campus.

“For me, the mask was a problem,” the Latino student said about his mask.

The Muslim student also said the mask made her feel uncomfortable.

“In this culture, there is no room for us,” the minority student said as she walked through the Montefac medical building.

“People are asking me, ‘Why are you in the mask?’ That