How to get the most out of Baystate Medical Center bracelets

Here’s what you need to know about Baystate medical bracelets.

The bracelets are designed to look like medical supplies and help doctors and nurses quickly get to patients, and are often used to make sure patients are being taken care of during emergencies, or during surgeries.

“The bracelet will give you quick access to the patient, which means you can get them into the room, take care of them and get them out quickly,” Dr. Stephen Henson, a Baystate spokesperson, told ABC News.

“And it will also give you access to their other medical supplies, so if you need a lot of medication, or a couple of medications, you’ll be able to access them quickly and get it out of the room without any interruption.”

The bracels are manufactured by a company called Medical Products Company of Bayfield, and they have sold over 8.5 million to doctors and hospitals in 36 states and the District of Columbia.

They cost around $25.

Baystate is now offering a special $50 coupon for a $30 discount.