University of Alabama medical students seek help from doctors in a viral outbreak

Medical students at the University of Birmingham are seeking help from medical doctors in the United States after discovering they had been infected with a virus.

The University of California Berkeley, the University at Albany, the Johns Hopkins University and the University Hospital of Southern California are among those that have confirmed the presence of the coronavirus, which was first detected in Alabama.

“We’ve been notified that our students were showing signs of coronaviruses, which is quite concerning,” Dr Michael Pfeifer, dean of medical students, told ABC News.

Dr Pfeifier said that the students had been on a campus travel program and returned from an upcoming medical conference and were not vaccinated for coronavire.

The students who were affected are being evaluated for the coronapillavirus and are being offered a vaccination schedule.

Dr John Fauci, associate dean of the school of medicine, said that it was “incredibly frustrating” that the school had to wait so long to offer a vaccination to students.

Pfeifer said that he had been unable to offer the students a vaccine until recently.

In an email to ABC News, the university’s health department said that all students attending medical schools in the US must have an inoculation protocol and that the university has received a vaccine and is providing it to students in the event they are diagnosed with a vaccine-related illness.

There have been no confirmed cases of the virus being transmitted in the UK.

Students are encouraged to contact their doctor and ask if they can attend a mandatory vaccine session for their class.