How to wash your doctor’s medical bag with the help of this easy DIY guide

Health care workers use medical bags for all sorts of reasons, but this article will show you how to wash the bags for free.

Medical bags are commonly used to store medical instruments and other supplies, such as syringes, blood pressure strips and other small medical devices.

The medical bags are often the biggest part of the medical kit used in hospitals and clinics.

You can easily find one of these medical bags at your local pharmacy.

The bag is usually made of plastic, and usually it comes with a small metal handle.

You need to use the handle to hold the bag in place while you use your hands.

Here’s how to remove your doctor bag.1.

Open the lid 2.

Remove the handle 3.

Lift the bag up 4.

Use a screwdriver to lift the lid to reveal the contentsThe first thing you’ll need to do is remove the handle.

Simply pull the handle down and pull it up, but keep the lid in place.

You’ll need the handle for your hands to safely open and close the bag.

You don’t want the handle on the inside of the bag, so carefully lift the bag off the table.

If you don’t have a screw driver handy, try to use your fingers.

When you’re done removing the handle, you’ll have two small metal pins on the bottom of the plastic bag.

If your hands aren’t strong enough to lift it, you can also pull the pin with your fingers by pressing on the top of the pin.

The pin will slide up and down with your thumbs.

If the pin doesn’t slide up, you might need to re-tighten it.

The pins on these medical bag will be permanently attached to the plastic container.

Remove the handle from the bag by pulling it out with your hands, then gently lift the plastic lid.

The handle is now free to move around.

Now, remove the lid completely.

Be careful to keep it clean.

To clean your medical bag, gently scrub with a cloth to remove dirt and germs.

You won’t need to wash it, but you can do a few extra things to help it look nice:Take the plastic case from the top and take the plastic handle and unscrew it.

Then use a screw to open the bag to reveal its contents.

If everything is in the right place, you should be able to open it and pull out the contents without a problem.