Medical symbol Tia: I’m not a doctor

I’m just a doctor.Tia was born with fibromyalgia, and the disease has left her with chronic pain and physical limitations.Her condition has made it difficult for her to work and has also affected her ability to raise a family.But Tia said she does not see any future in the medical field.She has been a physical […]

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Migraine medication costs more than a million dollars in Canada

A Canadian medical assistant has filed a class-action lawsuit against the country’s government and pharmaceutical industry, alleging the country is paying a premium for drugs that can lead to severe, life-threatening side effects.Medical assistant certification was introduced in 2014 to boost the ability of doctors to treat people with acute conditions such as migraine and […]

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How to get the most out of your winter gear

How do you keep your gear fresh in winter?I’ve covered many winter sports before, but I have yet to cover a winter sport where the gear gets as much wear and tear as snowboarding.While snowboarding is a relatively new sport to snowboarders, snowboarding gear has been around for decades.Snowboarding gear is one of the most […]

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How to search and type medical abbreviations

In the past, a doctor might type a patient’s name and then search for an abbreviation of that name.Nowadays, doctors type their patients’ names into the search box and then type the abbreviation.They can also type their name and the abbrevations of the names they want to search for.Here’s how you can do that.The search […]

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How medical care is rationed in Maryland

MDs medical eligibility is capped at 20 percent of the median income, according to a study.But, according, to the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, this doesn’t mean MDs can’t be eligible for medical care, because they can’t afford to live beyond the limit. The study was based on data from Maryland’s Health Benefit Exchange, […]

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Texas medical coverage goes up as opioid overdose deaths rise

Medical coverage of Texas hospitals is down slightly in recent months, according to data released on Wednesday by the state’s Office of Health Care.But the number of Texas residents with coverage has remained relatively constant, according the Office of Statewide Health.The data was released by the office, which oversees Medicaid and the federal government’s Medicare […]

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