How to turn your computer into a doctor’s office

The world’s biggest medical technology company is going all-in on doctors, announcing on Tuesday that it’s launching a pilot program to test a new device that it claims can replace doctors’ offices with computers.

The device, dubbed “Cognitive Doctor,” is a smart phone that’s designed to interact with medical devices and help doctors work more effectively.

The device is a companion device to a computer that can help doctors track patient data and provide patients with relevant, personalized care, said the company, Medtronic.

The company says it will begin testing the device at its labs in North Carolina and Arizona and will eventually roll it out to doctors in other locations.

The Medtronics product is the first of its kind to offer a fully autonomous system, allowing doctors to work remotely from their offices without needing to worry about a computer or the internet.

Medtricys technology is built on technology from Google, Apple, Microsoft and Intel, according to the company.

The pilot program will test the device in two parts: one at a hospital and the other at a doctor appointment.

It will also test the product at a clinic in California.

The clinical trial will take place at a pediatric hospital, where doctors will be able to test it with their own smartphones and tablets.

Doctors will have access to the device and will be asked to interact while the system works.