When the world’s biggest hospital closes, the city’s hospitals will continue to thrive

Lexington, Kentucky — The city of Lexington has announced that it will close its three medical centers in 2018, making way for a new medical network to be constructed in the city.

The city announced on Tuesday that the three medical facilities, known as the Lexington Medical Center, the Lexington Regional Medical Center and the Lexington Children’s Hospital, will close in early 2018.

“As of today, the three Lexington Medical Centers will no longer be in operation,” Lexington Mayor Jim Gray said in a press release.

“The medical centers will close to new medical providers, but will remain open for operations.”

The announcement came in the wake of the Lexington Metro Fire Department’s announcement earlier this month that it would move its operations to Lexington, leaving the city with only four hospitals.

A spokesperson for the Kentucky Department of Health and Hospitals told The Associated Press on Wednesday that the city has no plans to reopen any of its three hospitals.

“The three Lexington Regional Centers will remain in operation in their current locations,” said a spokesperson.

“As of this moment, there is no immediate plans for the closure of the three remaining Lexington Medical Centers.”

According to The Associated Times, Lexington Mayor Joe Sestak said he is not interested in the mayor’s endorsement, despite being an avid fan of the medical center.

“It’s not that I don’t like them, I just don’t want to be associated with it,” Sestek said, adding that the mayor does not want to promote his hometowns businesses.

Lexington Police Chief Greg Anderson told The Lexington Herald-Leader on Wednesday, “We have made no decisions about closing any of the five Lexington Medical centers or the Lexington Police Department.”