Physicians, activists demand release of Westchester medical staff members

The parents of two Westchester doctors arrested by Israel in October have accused their doctors of having a conflict of interest because they were both working at the hospital’s Westchester Medical Center. 

The doctors, Dr. Shai Gilboa and Dr. Michael Fink, were detained at the Westchester Military Medical Center on October 7 for their alleged involvement in a series of terrorist attacks in Israel, including one that left one person dead and dozens injured. 

Gilboa and Fink are accused of planning and carrying out an attack on the medical center. 

According to the parents of Dr. Yaron Tzemach and Dr., Shlomo Fink , the two doctors were not acting on behalf of the Westfys and did not know that they were being detained, said Tzimach. 

Tzemachem said that he and his wife did not understand why the two physicians were detained and asked the medical staff if the reason for the arrests was to investigate the allegations. 

“My wife did tell us that she had a conflict,” Tzemiach said. 

On Thursday, the families of the two Doctors, along with a lawyer representing them, filed a lawsuit in Manhattan Supreme Court demanding that they be released. 

In their lawsuit, they said that they do not believe that the medical facility was the subject of a terrorist attack. 

After Gilboa’s arrest, the hospital called the FBI and the military to investigate. 

However, the parents said that when the FBI arrived at the facility and took them into custody, they were not told that the two were being arrested. 

At that point, the two medical staffs were not questioned, they alleged, and neither were they informed that their patients were being held at the military medical center’s headquarters. 

A spokeswoman for the military said the military does not have authority to detain anyone without first informing the families, including in situations of “an emergency.” 

“We are aware that the families are currently being detained in the West Fys’ facility in Westchester, NY, and that this is being investigated by our lawyers, who will be taking their case to the courts to get their release,” said Sharon Dziedzic, a spokeswoman for Westchester Police Department. 

Meanwhile, the family of Dr Tzomim Fink said that the parents did not seek medical help for their son, and he did not need medical care. 

During his detention, he was treated for a stomach ulcer, but did not have any health issues, according to his mother. 

Dr. Tzumel Fink’s mother said that her son was being held in a “lockdown” and that he did nothing wrong. 

She said that his only medical concern was his condition. 

Fink was a member of the ultra-Orthodox HaYehudi movement, which advocates strict secular law and has accused Israel of waging a “War on the Jews.” 

Gilbado and Finks are accused with allegedly planning a terrorist plot against the West Fulton Medical Center and the United States. 

Since November, several of the parents and their attorneys have also accused the medical centers staff of collaborating with Israeli intelligence. 

Both Gilboa, who is also the father of a two-year-old, and Finky were arrested by the Israeli police in November. 

Israel has accused the two of planning to attack the medical facilities on the Westside of Manhattan, and said that both of them were members of the “Kadima” terrorist group, which is an offshoot of the extremist Islamist group Hamas. 

 The families of Gilboa were granted diplomatic immunity by the U.S. government in January, which allowed them to be treated in a hospital and not detained in Israel. 

As of December, Israel has not commented on the claims. (Reuters)