Italy: ‘Riverside medical centre in Parma is the future’

A group of Italian players are preparing to travel to Naples to see a specialist at the Riverside medical centre.

The group of 20, which includes Roma and Lazio, are due to travel in the coming days for the medical check-up.

The players have signed up for the visit on Saturday.

Roma and Juventus are the teams with the biggest presence in Italy.

The medical centre is located in Piazza della Città in Piedmont.

It is a major hospital and is staffed by doctors from the national team, as well as a few non-national players, as the team tries to keep pace with the rapid expansion of the international game in Italy since the introduction of the European Union’s rules.

A visit to the Riverside is the biggest event in the club’s history.

The team has played in the Rome Derby in March.

It also played in Serie A’s Serie B, the Europa League and the Copa del Rey, where it finished second.